Release Notes

2.3.2 release notes

  • Add integration of Carbon Simulation cache with Maya Cached Playback for Maya 2020.
  • Add Simulation Space parameters to Carbon Simulation to support local space simulation.
  • Add Simulation interrupt support for Linux. Pressing and holding down the “Escape” key on the keyboard will now interrupt the Carbon Simulation.
  • Add checkbox to Carbon Simulation to make Simulation Cache Restore Debug messages optional.
  • Improve Carbon licensing error messages and display, including moving all Carbon licensing messages to a new License Status section on the Carbon Simulation node.
  • Add Physics Draw Scale parameter to Carbon Actor.
  • Fix Carbon crash in Maya 2020 during simulation reinitialization.

2.2.2 release notes

  • Fix Carbon Simulation partial and full simulation reset. These did only reset to the correct frame when using a Maya frame rate of 24fps.

2.2.1 release notes

  • Fix bug that prevents Collision Face Group from working on Morph and Cloth.
  • Rename Stiffened Cloth example to Cloth Stiffened With Rigid Welding.
  • Fix small bug in Python Scripting API changeMesh function.

2.2.0 release notes

  • Add Cloth and Morph Velocity Import and Export.
  • Add Morph Stress Export.
  • Improve bend algorithm.
  • Add Actuator - Cloth Welding macros.
  • Make Lead Simulation Script Editor message dependent on Simulation Show/Hide Debug Message status.

2.1.0 release notes

  • Add Simulation Time Warp parameter and extend Simulation Time Scale documentation example.
  • Fix issues with painted attribute delete button on Binding and Welding.

2.0.14 release notes

  • Add Simulation Time Scale documentation example.
  • Deprecate Simulation Scale parameter and replace with Length Scale.
  • Deprecate Actor Animated Geometry parameter and replace with Animated Transform.
  • Add issue with non-unique Maya shape names of Carbon nodes to Known Issues.
  • Add issue with parameter deprecation and update to Known Issues.

2.0.12 release notes

  • Add Simulation Time Scale parameter.
  • Improve speed of Carbon node deletion process.
  • Fix simulation reset when displaying Carbon Shape Attribute Editor for the first time.
  • Extend Macro scripts.
  • Add documentation examples of Rigid-Cloth Welding applications.

2.0.11 release notes

  • Improve documentation examples.

2.0.10 release notes

  • Fix numerical issues due to a wrong gcc compiler flag.
  • Improve pocket watch example.

2.0.9 release notes

  • Fix Actor Type and Physics Draw when transform is animated but Animated Geometry is not ticked.
  • Remove related tabs from Carbon Shape Attribute Editor.

2.0.8 release notes

  • Rename Rigid and Body output plugs to translate and rotate.
  • Change Body translate and rotate output to world space instead of local space.
  • Update and improve Macro scripts.
  • Small documentation improvements.

2.0.7 release notes

  • Add welding (actor and rigid) example to documentation.
  • Add rigid body example to documentation.
  • Add barrel with edited center of mass example to documentation.
  • Add pocket watch example to documentation.
  • Add cloth wrap example to documentation.
  • Add scripted stacked rigid bodies example to documentation.

2.0.6 release notes

  • Remove simulation reset triggered by “Rigid Body Output Meshes” macro script.
  • Improve Windows installer.

2.0.5 release notes

  • Fix issues with Rigid and Body placement when Shape mesh pivot does not match the mesh’s bounding box center.
  • Fix issues with Body mesh export.
  • Improve scripting API for Filters.
  • Add scripted filter example (Rigid Body, Cloth, Welding, Filter).

2.0.4 release notes

  • Extend and improve Macro scripts.
  • Fix Body mesh offset issue.

2.0.3 release notes

  • Add Carbon Actor.
  • Add Carbon Rigid.
  • Add Carbon Shape.
  • Add Carbon Body.
  • Add Carbon Welding.
  • Add Lead Simulation to Carbon Simulation.
  • Add Simulation Reset button to Carbon nodes.
  • Add node type draw that is selectable and can be turned off via a button on Carbon Simulation.

1.3.4 release notes

  • Documentation updated.

1.3.3 release notes

  • Fix Goal Skin Paint Map Physics Draw.
  • Change Surface Compression and Surface Extension default values.
  • Update parameter dimensions and ranges in documentation.

1.3.1 release notes

  • Add beta support for Maya Fluids.
  • Significantly reduce Carbon Object initialization time.
  • Add * as placeholder for full Collision Face Group selection.
  • Fix bug with Morph attribute painting.

1.2.1 release notes

  • Fix index range issues with Point and Face Group Add and Remove operations.
  • Add Physics Draw User Guide and increase documentation cross-referencing.

1.2.0 release notes

  • Oldest Maya build for Carbon Cloth support is updated to 2018.3. Tested on 2018.3, 4, 5, 6 and 2019 and 2019.1.
  • Allow Start Mesh from animated geometry frame by removing automatic Simulation resets on Start Mesh changes, with the exception of plugging operations.
  • Use only one input mesh called “Mesh” for Collider and Morph, instead of separate Start and Animation mesh.
  • Fix Simulation initialization bug when Start Frame (formerly Start Time) is different from the timeline’s first frame.
  • Rename Simulation Start Time to Start Frame and move to General section.
  • Update documentation to reflect latest changes.
  • Extend Known Issues: Viewport update issues when using rigged/skinned geometry as Object Start Mesh in Maya versions including and older than 2018.2.

1.1.5 release notes

  • Fix ordering issues with Point and Face Group Add and Remove operations.

1.1.4 release notes

  • Add NUMERION_FARM_UI_LICENSE environment variable to prevent batch processes from using Carbon UI licenses.

1.1.3 release notes

  • Extend Python and mel API.
  • Fix error in Python API.

1.1.2 release notes

  • Add automatic partial simulation cache reset when editing Carbon parameter keyframes.
  • Add partial simulation cache reset button on Carbon Simulation node.
  • Add functionality to disable simulation caching.
  • Significantly improve performance when using Maya fields as input for Carbon Flow.
  • Add Wrinkles Tutorial.
  • Fix Parent Face Group issues on Carbon Binding node.
  • Remove internal Carbon Flow scaling parameter. To produce similar results to previous versions, scale existing fields by a factor of 157.
  • Fix Physics Draw issues in Playblast.

1.0.1 release notes

  • Fix Binding painted attribute issue.

1.0.0 release notes

  • Fix non-determinism issue when scrubbing scenes containing Binding or Stitching which are using Reference animation but no Parent and Child Poses.